Halo Top PintPack

Halo Top PintPack

Halo Top and Crispin, Porter + Bogusky (CPB), a global creative ad agency, presented Interwoven with a vision: a high-end, insulated handbag exclusively designed for Halo Top’s ice cream pints. Responding to the challenge, Interwoven sourced premium materials, and develop, prototype and prepare the Halo Top PintPack for production. Crafted in a small batch, a set of final prototypes were produced for official photography and media promotion, while the remaining bags were distributed to brand ambassadors and social media influencers. To enable Halo Top to offer the Limited Edition PintPacks for sale, the Interwoven team prepared a comprehensive manufacturing tech pack to guide the production process.

What we did

  • Material Sourcing
  • Prototyping
  • Technical Design
  • Sampling
  • Manufacturing Assistance

Clients / Collaborators

Halo Top


Starting with a stainless steel, insulated ice cream container as the foundation, Interwoven's technical design team developed a custom-fit, quilted prototype using cost-efficient materials. This first prototype served to validate the bag's dimensions, construction, proportion, and placement on the body. Collaborating closely with PTR Design Studio and CP+B, the Interwoven Team refined the design to align the bag with Halo Top's design language while maintaining its intended functionality. While most of the production occurred in-house, certain specialized techniques were outsourced. Working alongside expert manufacturing partners in NYC, Interwoven provided manufacturing support to ensure that the final bag components met the desired quality and functionality.

Halo Top
Prototype Process
Halo Top


The Interwoven Team, operating under a strict timeline, sourced off-the-shelf leather, textiles, hardware, as well as sourced manufacturing partners. Despite the limited availability for ordering lead times and delivery, the team managed to acquire all the necessary materials from local sources. Throughout the process, it was crucial to match the materials' colors with the brand's existing marketing direction and standards, while also incorporating the current logo onto the prototypes. To establish the desired premium handbag aesthetic, the team employed a strategy of embossing the logo into the leather, providing cohesive visual branding that resonated with the target audience.

Technical Design

After establishing the dimensions of the PintPack, the technical design team proceeded to refine patterns, construction methods, and organize the Bill of Materials. Simultaneously, while completing the production of manufacturing and photoshoot sample PintPacks, Interwoven compiled a manufacturing tech pack. This document encompassed all the vital information required to effectively communicate the design intent to overseas factories for production. This was essential in providing the client with the guidance to manufacture Halo Top's premium, limited edition PintPack and prepare it for a successful market launch.

Halo Top PintPack