Interwoven design technology for the body

At Interwoven we design technology for the body

Clients & Partners

The Interwoven Design process embodies the true nature of collaboration; Founder and Principal Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, leads teams to achieve ambitious goals and deliver competitive output throughout the design and product development lifecycle.

At Interwoven, we conduct design research and analysis including: key requirements, physical constraints of the product, marketing objectives, materials inquiries, aesthetics, and research. This is followed by a combination collaborative and internal effort to initiate the product development process.  From a detailed definition of the product scope to the initiation of the creative design process including, concept creation, color development, materials research required for the full product and silhouette sketches for both the apparel and industrial design.

Interwoven will create a series of ideation sketches and alpha prototype mock-ups for the conceptual designs.  These proof-of-concept style prototypes are created quickly and are typically broken into a looks-like and works-like models to promote rapid iteration in the fastest possible time frame. The goal is to test and iterate in quick succession to get to the best solution quickly.

Interwoven works closely with their clients in a collaborative effort to choose the final subsystem implementations to be used in the final product.  This final stage is often where the most difficult decisions are made between functionality, cost, and aesthetics.  We offer support from concept through design for manufacturing.

As the work is in progress through manufacturing, we remain available to give on going support the product through its final stages of development and consult with respect to whether what is being sourced, manufactured and delivered is in conformity with the specifications and of suitable quality.

Clients & Partners

Interwoven Design Studio works with organizations and enterprises of all sizes, from start-ups to non-profits to major corporations. We are interested in all kinds of work from rethinking innovation from a business strategy to communicating new technology through museum commissions.  We often share new ideas through speaking engagements and take on collaborations with client companies to explore new ways to use materials and technologies as innovation for the human form.  We work to bring together combine human behavior, design, and technology to create products that drive business and make meaningful change.

The Process



Compile all layers of data and insight to develop a strategic product platform



Scenarios that go beyond the physical to create enhanced user experiences.



Products that are both functional and beautiful to capture market share