At Interwoven we design technology for the body

Principal and founder Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman is a leader in wearable technology and smart textiles.  She has spent over two decades working in fashion and industrial design, directing projects from concept to production. Her work has been produced, sold and exhibited all over the world.

Interwoven produces select projects from corporate clients and research explorations.  We weave sensory technology, smart textiles and intuitive feedback into captivating wearable technology. With fluency in research, design, and production,  interdisciplinary teams work to create objects and artifacts that embody innovation.

Clients & Partners

Interwoven Design Studio works with organizations and enterprises of all sizes, from start-ups to non-profits to major corporations. From museum commissions to speaking engagements to collaborations with client companies, we explore new ways to use materials and technologies as innovation for the human form, the objects we engage with and the spaces we inhabit.

The Process


Compile all layers of data and insight to develop a strategic product platform


Scenarios that go beyond the physical to create enhanced user experiences.


Products that are both functional and beautiful to capture market share