Even Adaptive

Even Adaptive

Even Adaptive Lingerie is a line of adaptive undergarments with contemporary silhouettes that can be put on with the use of a single hand. The design process spanned all the way from the creation of the brand strategy and assets, to hardware and garment development. Interwoven Design Group developed a new fastening clasp to replace and improve the user experience of the outdated closure mechanisms of the adaptive bras and panties on the market. The closure experience combined with the modern, comfortable, and colorful designs make Even Adaptive lingerie truly inclusive, innovative, and one-of-a-kind.

What we did

  • Design Research & Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity & Logo Design
  • Clasp Design & Development
  • Garment Design
  • Material Sourcing
  • Prototyping & Sampling

Clients / Collaborators

Even Adaptive
Even Adaptive

Product Description

Even Adaptive offers a line of women’s adaptive and non-adaptive lingerie which includes
two different bra and panty styles. Each style comes in 3 different colors; Peach Sand,
Glacial Blue, and Black. The cotton lycra bra and the adaptive thong are made with a
buttery soft jersey fabric that has plenty of stretch which is perfect for an everyday
comfort set. The mesh bra and the thong have a silky smooth hand feel. They are a bit
more playful and revealing while still upholding the comfort, support, and ease of the user
on a daily basis. The cotton lycra bra, the adaptive thong, and the mesh bra all feature the
magnetic clasp.

Brand Strategy
Even Adaptive Marketing

Brand Strategy & Identity

To establish the brand’s identity (values, beliefs, and visual archetypes) and the
development of the visual strategy, Interwoven pinpointed core elements of the brand
universe into “Visual and Verbal Explorations.” These tools were used to shape the brand
by gaining client feedback to refine into deliverable brand assets. Once a Creative
Territory was determined, two distinct brand directions were explored through visual look
and feel, typography, color palette, and copy/tone. The team created the Even Adaptive
logo and tagline to apply to the branding on business cards, websites, and hang tags.
These Visual and Verbal Materials set the framework for Even Adaptive’s brand strategy
and overall mission.

Even Adaptive Interaction
Even Adaptive Thong

Clasp Development

The Interwoven industrial design team focused on the magnetized clasp development
while the garment design and prototyping were underway. This enabled both teams to
work simultaneously to perfect the fit of the lingerie, as well as the function of the clasp
placket. Clasps with different engagement styles in different sizes were 3D printed and
embedded with magnets for in-house testing. The findings helped to assesss if the
placket is easy to use, the strength of the magnets are not too much or too little, and the
placket is durable yet comfortable and low profile against the skin. Upon initial testing,
single hand operation and user interaction became the primary focus. As a result, the
finger loops were developed to assist single hand operation.

How It Works

The garment, finger loops, and the magnetic clasp work in tandem to enable users to put
on their bra with the use of a single hand. Once the bra is on, the user can place their
thumb in one finger loop, reach across the body, secure the other loop with another
finger and pull the two ends of the placket towards each other to engage the magnetic
clasp. The bra can be undone by pinching the clasp vertically or using the finger loops to
apply pressure inward.

Even Adaptive Garment Design

Garment Design

Interwoven researched and categorized adaptive and non-adaptive undergarments on
the market according to their silhouettes, while paying close attention to their
construction, closure mechanisms/methods, color selection, fabric, and fit. The
landscape survey showcased that assistive, functional, and truly elegant lingerie options
are slim to none for women with disabilities. With the findings in mind, Interwoven
developed concepts through an iterative process using research in retail locations,
fashion forecasting, color reports for intimates, and feedback from women with
disabilities. Soft cup bra prototypes and panties in both cotton lycra and mesh were
tested on fit models through multiple sessions to perfect the fit, support, style, and
comfort of the products. The straps are designed to be adjusted on the front rather than
the back, unlike a non-adaptive bra, for ease of use and access. After the magnetic clasp
development was finalized, the garment design was altered for functionality.

Product Launch

Interwoven Design Group and Even Adaptive teams collectively created a direction for the
website, social media content and photography. This direction translated itself into a
photoshoot for the brand launch. Lifestyle and in-use scenes were set up and directed to
convey the brand strategy and identity created by Interwoven. The team behind the camera
and models represent the inclusivity and diversity that Even Adaptive and Interwoven stands