Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest

The Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest by INVICTA Ready is specifically designed to help families be ready for natural disasters as a quick grab and go tool. Due to the ongoing effects of climate change, natural disasters threaten populations across the globe. This imminent threat along with the potential need for evacuations is not an easy task. Panic is the enemy when evacuating due to a wildfire, flood or hurricane. Survivors usually leave behind valuables, life-saving tools, and equipment that could help them to navigate disasters. INVICTA Ready, approached Interwoven Design Group to design, develop, and bring the Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest to life.

The award-winning Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest won Gold in Industrial And Life Science Design – Safety Designs and Bronze in Design for Society at the 2022 International Design Awards (IDA).

What we did

  • Design Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Concept Development
  • Material Sourcing & Color
  • Technical Design
  • Branding

Clients / Collaborators

PERCI Emergency Preparedness Vest
Perci - IDA Gold Winner

Product Description

The Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest is both sleek and functional. The team conducted initial user research to determine the needs of someone who must evacuate their home during a natural disaster. These findings determined which tools and accessories were the most important to a potential user while also influencing the vest organization to make it as intuitive as possible. The 10 pockets efficiently organize disaster readiness items for specific needs in uniquely designed locations. For example, personal safety items (goggles, gloves); multipurpose tools (whistle, duct tape); light source (headlamp); hygiene; toiletries; warmth (mylar blanket, poncho); water pouch; food utensils, and other items. It is water-repellent, agile, and has extra storage that enables customization depending on the user scenario. It comes in two sizes that accommodate a variety of users of all shapes, sizes, and gender reflecting the diverse population across the danger zones in the United States. The vest is paired with an app that enables storing copies of important documents, like birth certificates, and offers custom information according to users' location and which specific disasters they are prone to in their area.

PERCI Vest Icons
PERCI Vest Branding

Graphic Communication

The design team’s goal was to help a person build confidence in their ability to be prepared for an emergency prior to the needed time by using the clear graphic language of the Perci Vest and easily use the product in time of an emergency. The reflective labels create a graphic communications system that indicates what is inside each pocket. Additionally, the reflective icons and other design details enable the user to be visible by emergency response teams. A large QR code that connects the vest with the Perci app and is found on the interior of the jacket near the waterproof pocket. The phone app has many important functionalities that aid the user in both preparing for an emergency and helping them connect with information about the disaster and what to do during an evacuation. The app includes instructions based on the type of disaster that is occurring, checklists to make sure that the user is completing necessary tasks and backing up important documents.

PERCI Emergency Preparedness Vest Ideation
PERCI Vest Mockup
PERCI Vest Prototype
Perci Vest by INVICTA Readydness Vest


Using market research as a guide, a competitive analysis was conducted to study existing vests and emergency preparedness kits that are available to gather information about the range of size, price, and contents to determine the core features needed for the vest: weather protection, storage, mobility, and ease of use.

Through rounds of ideations, muslin and fabric mockups were used to simulate the location of the vest's tools and contents were tested on the body. The tools were organized into categories and placed into the pockets that are most comfortable and accessible to the users. The team designed each pockets' dimensions and access based on these contents. It was essential for the user testing to indicate that the prototype is thermally comfortable, comfortable while sitting and/or driving, not physically limiting the movements of users. An essential factor of the Perci Vest is its necessity to allow the user to move quickly and perform activities such as carrying other people or items. For example the user may have to evacuate their home and walk or run while carrying a child on their arm, a backpack on their back, a piece of luggage in their other hand and needing to unload/load bags in a car.

The Perci Vest uses internal zipper pockets in ergonomic orientations that allow quick and easy access to items in the vest. The internal pockets keep the weight of the items close to the wearer’s body, making the vest streamlined and comfortable. The side seam inset panel is made of a stretch knit allows for increased mobility, better fit, and long term comfort. The vest is lined with a sweat wicking mini mesh fabric that keeps the wearer cool and the elongated back hem makes it more comfortable to wear while moving. It features a collar construction with a zippered compartment with a collapsible hood that can be deployed when needed, and stuffed and stored when not in use.

Interwoven designed and prototyped the functional garment and finalized contents to achieve an easy-to-use, durable, and manufacturable product.