Wearsafe – Personal Safety Technology

Wearsafe – Personal Safety Technology

The Wearsafe Tag is an amazing peer-to-peer personal safety technology. In a bad situation, making a phone call is harder than you think. At the first sign of trouble, pressing the Wearsafe Tag keeps you a step ahead of the situation. It uses the power of your phone to alert friends and family, it sends them audio from the scene and starts a live chat room where they can coordinate a response or call 911. All while your phone, your lifeline is out of sight.

Interwoven partnered with Wearsafe Labs to create the unique shape device and a variety of attachment methods for the Wearsafe Tag.

What we did

  • Design research & analysis
  • Competitive anaylsis
  • Concept Development
  • Color and Materials
  • Ideation, models & prototyping

Clients / Collaborators

A mood board shows sliding mechanisms
An image collage shows details of the prototyping process


We focused our inquiry of attachment methods on the act of sliding; in which a male part slides into a female housing. From these examples of existing products with extract and translate elements that can be applied in our design process.

prototypes cast in silicone show various forms
models wear variations on the wrist, neck, and clothing


Using Solid Works, we produced detailed renderings of each design that could then be 3D-printed to asses the shape, proportion and functionality. From this initial process we proceeded to create molds and test our designs in materials that more closely represent the final materials. A first round of models were casted in silicone by manually injecting material into 3D printed molds.

Through several rounds of silicone casting models we tested the flexibility, durometer and texture from different silicone types. Pigment was added in this last round trying to match the Pantone colors provided in our color deck. We determined that a silicon durometer of 65-75 would be best for our finished products.