delta gloves smart fitness wearable technology

Delta Gloves

What we did

Delta Gloves by PureCarbon are connected strength training gloves that track people’s workouts, including exercise performed, sets, reps and weight.  All the information is transmitted to an app on your smartphone. Interwoven Design Group worked with Jonathan and Aleda Schaffer, co-founders of PureCarbon to create the unique glove.

What we did

  • Color
  • Performance fabric development
  • Concept creation - glove silhouette
  • Technical development - fit, function and transitions
  • Technical design
  • Factory sourcing and launch

Clients / Collaborators

a figure lifts weight wearing smart technology fitness gloves: Turn reps into results faster with gloves that track your workout.
A figure lifts a weight wearing smart technology fitness gloves

Design & Development

Our first step in the design and development of the Delta Gloves was to conduct an exhaustive competitive analysis and study of all the weight lifting gloves in the market including fit, function and the materials that were currently being used. We made a list of requirements, including fit considerations, strength, breathability, insulation from the electronics and moisture management. The electronic circuit with the sensors to detect weight is printed onto a flexible film that’s laminated onto a non-woven fabric and placed in the lining of the glove.

One of the innovations we worked on with the PureCarbon team was to develop a nicely fitting glove that allowed for highest possible performance for both the athlete and the electronic circuitry. Printed circuits on TPU film are an incredible step forward in wearable technology. They are flexible, washable and durable. But on the downside, the film isn’t breathable and doesn’t have much stretch. We overcame these obstacles by placing the film in limited areas inside the glove between the lining and the shell and by using fabrics with moisture management properties. In addition, we added breathable mesh ventilation inserts between the fingers to release any heat build up from your hand inside the glove. It was also a challenging design problem to develop a glove pattern that would address proper fit while considering the needs of the circuit layout.

smart technology fitness glove exploded view
a designer annotates delta glove technical drawings


The brain of the glove, called the puck, is mounted into a receptacle on the back of the hand and can be removed for washability of the gloves and for placement in additional accessories that are in PureCarbon's roadmap. This also allows users to have various styles of the gloves that they can use the same pucks with. The transition from fabric to hard plastic is reinforced at the point of attachment and sonic welded into place.

exploded view of Delta glove with play button