We think life’s too short to work on anything other than what passionately interests us. Interwoven is the play space where we indulge our design fascinations and experiment with what inspires us.

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Our approach

We find beauty in the considered examination of each project from multiple angles and through multiple disciplinary lenses.

Concept creation

Driving change through original thinking

Materials inquiry

Exploring new materials and their applications

Materials inquiry

Applying fashion sensibility to tech products

We believe

Wearable technology and smart textiles have the potential to change the way we view our place in the world. We can monitor our health, track our sleep habits and even assess our emotional state.

People will always wear clothing as a statement of self expression. Smart textiles and wearables give us new avenues to communicate thoughts and feelings.

Innovative fabrics and sensory technology will revolutionize fashion.

Optimizing the user experience is what makes Interwoven special.

The Process

1. Research

Compile all layers of data and insight to develop a strategic product platform.

2. Conceptulaize

Scenarios that go beyond the physical to create an enhanced user experience.


The process

3. Design

Products and applications that are both functional and beautiful.

4. Launch

Leverage new products to capture market share.


Clients & Partners Include