Smart List - 12/15/22

The Gift Guide: NYC Puzzles 2022

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By the Interwoven Team

The Smart List is a monthly list of multi-media recommendations on everything design, curated by Interwoven Design. As a group of aesthetically obsessed designers, there are a lot of beautiful products and objects we love and enjoy. These products make our daily lives special and inviting and we want to share them with you. This issue is a extra edition holiday gift guide for the design savvy people on your list. Discover these quality New York City flavored Puzzles!

The Gift Guide: NYC Puzzles 2022

1. Lets Go Get Lost Together New York Puzzle

500 Pieces – Luckies/Trouva

The 500 piece recycled cardboard, Lets Go Get Lost New York Puzzle depicts a beautiful historic Manhattan aerial view. It was design by artist and advertiser Dave Buonaguidi. His experiences in advertising and screen printing shine bright through the playful lettering on top of the faded image background. The puzzle can be found for purchase through Trouva.

2. Frank Stella Puzzle

750 Pieces – MoMA Design Store

Frank Stella’s Puzzle is inspired by his famous painting, Firuzabad. The puzzle is constructed of 90% recycled paper while also using non-toxic ink to portray the two overlapping circles, with colorful striping. This work can be found through the MoMA Design Store.

3. NYT Front Page Puzzle

500 Pieces – Uncommon goods

The New York Times Front Page Puzzle is a great personalized gift option idea for wanting to commemorate a specific date or historic event. Uncommon Goods allows customization of the puzzle to chose the front page image as well as the piece count, 500 or 1,000. This unique gift is manufactured in the United States.

4. Inside the Museum Puzzle

500 – Met Museum

The Inside the Museum Puzzle is an intricate 500 piece puzzle features that illustrates the Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s galleries. The puzzle tells a story through the museum map as well as hidden treasures. Once the puzzle is completed, the game has only begun! Specific objects are listed on the border and used to pinpoint the objects that are depicted.

5. Puzzle Thing: NY Heart

465 Pieces – Areaware

The Puzzle Thing: NY Heart was created during the COVID-19 pandemic by three friends, Alex, Michelle and Stephanie. The motivation behind the image stems from the awareness of the hardships that hospitality workers face during the lockdown. Areaware supports the organization, One Fair Wage, which focuses on improving wages and workplace treatment of these workers.

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