Smart List - 12/02/22

The Gift Guide 2022

4 min

By the Interwoven Team

The Smart List is a monthly list of multi-media recommendations on everything design, curated by Interwoven Design. As a group of aesthetically obsessed designers, there are a lot of beautiful products and objects we love and enjoy. These products make our daily lives special and inviting and we want to share them with you. This issue is a holiday gift guide for the design savvy people on your list. Discover globally inspired Truffle Collection, natural candles, interior warmers, puzzles and color!

The Gift Guide 2022

1. Truffle Collection

Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Katrina Markoff, the founder and chocolatier of Vosges Haut-Chocolat strives to explore the connection between taste and spirit. By studying how people taste and smell cocoa in collaboration with indigenous plants, Vosges transforms these chocolates to acknowledge the connection with location and culture.

The Truffle Collection is inspired by Katrina’s global exploration and combinations of ingredients. The collection comes with a book that guides for tasting, sourcing and stories.

2. Latkes and Lights Candle


Homesick is a home lifestyle brand that focuses in fragrances to help people feel close to the people, places and moments that matter most.

These natural soy wax candles are poured in the USA and contain premium cotton wicks and custom fragrance oils. The Latkes and Lights Candle celebrates the Festival of Lights with latkes in applesauce and jelly donuts.

3. Aroma Oil Warmer


Kinto is Japanese brand that offers long lasting products have an even balance of usability and aesthetics. Their products essence focuses on detail, comfort, and expression.

The Aroma Oil Warmer is aesthetically intended to replicate the form of coffee equipment while also adding warmth to an interior space. The materials used include heat resistant glass and stainless steel that come together in a minimal and sleek design.

4. Puzzles


Areaware is a home accessories brand based in Brooklyn, NY and Columbus, OH. Independent designers collaborate to bring these awesome ideas to life. Areaware spans multiple product categories that make great gifts.

The puzzle collection offered by Areaware features a plethora of designs including photography, illustration, food and patterns!

5. Anything!


We all know Pantone, the universal language of color. Color can be the motivation to start a new home project or just create. So if you’re looking for something to ignite creativity, get anything from Pantone!

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