Smart List - 10/14/21


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By Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman

The Smart List is a monthly list of multi-media recommendations on everything design, curated by Interwoven Design. We are all podcast junkies at Interwoven, and of course we have a particular weakness for great design podcasts. In this issue, discover a selection of the design podcasts we’ve enjoyed most this year. Learn about topics surrounding waste in design and production, the significance of the objects that surround us, and the stories of the best designers, artists, musicians, and thinkers of our time.

The Smart List: Podcasts 2021
The Smart List: Podcasts

1. Design Matters

with Debbie Millman

Launched in 2005, Design Matters was world’s first podcast about design. It was and continues to be the foremost inquiry into the world of creative culture, featuring in-depth conversations with designers, writers, artists, musicians, and contemporary thought-leaders. Host Debbie Millman is an author, educator, and brand strategist, famous for her incredible research and thoughtful interviewing style. Scroll through hundreds of interviews to find the most influential voices of our time speaking about their creative process, their formative experiences, and so much more. While the archive can be overwhelming to newcomers, browse to find names you are sure to recognize or listen at random, the quality of conversation is consistent.

2. Found: Objects with Meaning

Wallpaper* Magazine

Found: Objects with Meaning consists of six conversations with creatives about objects inspire and define them, whether in their personal or professional lives. The podcast is “all about the creative and emotional force of the objects that we have and the ones that we’ve lost.” Objects discussed include transformative technologies, favored tools, and artworks.

3. Circular

with Katie Treggiden

Circular is a podcast that explores “the intersection of craft, design and sustainability.” Host Katie Treggiden discusses the importance of a circular economy in design and production with the pioneers and key players in the war against waste. Issues discussed include the need for material innovation, the power of design for disassembly and repair, and the role of conservation and restoration in the experience of the user and the community.

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