Smart List - 11/01/23

Podcast Episodes on Education + AI

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By the IW Team

The Smart List is a monthly list of multi-media recommendations on everything design, curated by Interwoven Design. In this issue we share some podcasts episodes discussing the collaboration between Education and Artificial Intelligence. As any creative knows, you can’t generate output if you aren’t continually feeding yourself inspiration and staying up to date with the latest trends and technology. In addition to helping us stay informed about art and design, listening to podcasts and other media allow us to be inspired by what design and tech leaders around the world have to say about AI and Education.

Anant Agarwal: AI for Education

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

The Gradient podcast is a platform that engages in conversations with prominent industry figures immersed in the realms of AI research, development, and application. In Episode 85, the host, Andrey Kurenkov, has the privilege of conducting a thought-provoking interview with Anant Agarwal. Anant Agarwal is not only the Chief Product Officer of 2U but also the visionary founder of edX, a pioneer in online education. 

During this episode, Anant Agarwal graciously offers profound insights, sharing both his personal perspective and the collective wisdom of his students, amassed over years of learning, working with, and teaching AI. One specific teacher proposed an alternative approach, combining digital resources with human interaction. Students would select books, read silently, participate in literary circles, and engage in shared read-alouds. While still incorporating AI-driven fluency work, the emphasis would shift towards building motivation and reading endurance through human connection.

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AI Education and the Creator Economy

AI for Creatives

AI for Creatives, a podcast created by and for the creative community, serves as a bridge connecting art, and innovation. The hosts, Kamilah and Nova, dive right into the latest developments in AI tools and technology, shining a spotlight on innovative solutions such as Clip Drop, a compelling alternative to Midjounrey, and Claude 2. They delve into how these tools are being harnessed and draw insightful comparisons with ChatGPT.

Throughout the episode, Kamilah and Nova share their thoughts on how technology is transforming once-impossible ideas into tangible realities. Nova, shares compelling statistics on the transformative impact of AI on employment, highlighting the anticipation of creating a net of 12 million new jobs. Kamilah observes that the entire landscape of education is undergoing a profound shift, prompting a reassessment of the necessity of a formal college education in light of the burgeoning alternatives available. The duo explains how AI has firmly established its presence as an enduring tool, and its diverse applications necessitate innovative and comprehensive education. 

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ChatGPT Transforms A Classroom + Is ‘M3GAN’ Real?

Hard Folk

“Hard Fork,” hosted by Kevin Roose and Casey Newton, and produced by Davis Land, delves into the transformative impact of AI software on education. Cherie Shields, a high school English teacher in Oregon, shares her experience with integrating AI, such as the Chatbot from OpenAI, into her classroom. She highlights the accessibility of ChatGPT, allowing both her and her students to swiftly embrace this technological advancement. Shields advocates for ChatGPT’s use as an assessment tool for refining organizational methods and essay structure, implementing specific usage constraints. Moreover, Cherie leverages ChatGPT for various classroom tasks, including crafting lesson plans, generating topic lists, and assisting with paper evaluations. 

In a different vein, the movie ‘M3GAN’ explores the intriguing implications of Artificial Intelligence and technology. This horror/comedy film revolves around the overreliance on AI over human interaction, touching on topics like screen time and parenting. It provokes thoughts with the question: “What is the appropriate amount of screen time for children?”

via The New York Times

What Does Personalized Learning Look Like in an Age of AI?

The Creative Classroom with John Spencer

One librarian is providing students with valuable strategies for selecting the appropriate research strategies through books. This specific library experience challenged the traditional image of a quiet, stagnant library. Many school libraries, like this one, are evolving to engage and excite students about reading. She builds relationships with students, working collaboratively to discover texts that resonated with their interests. As a skilled curator, she explored a wide range of books and regularly introduced students to new authors and genres, aiming to ignite their passion for reading. 

This podcast explains how Generative AI holds the potential to revolutionize adaptive learning by creating customized content, including math word problems, science examples, and non-fiction texts tailored to students’ interests and reading levels. This AI-driven approach aims to challenge students at their skill level while allowing them to interact with AI as a tutor, asking questions and seeking clarification. Personalized learning emphasizes empowering students with voice and choice.

via John Spencer

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