Smart List - 04/26/23

Diversity in Design

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By the IW Team

The Smart List is a monthly list of multi-media recommendations on everything design, curated by Interwoven Design. As a group of aesthetically obsessed designers, there are a lot of beautiful products, objects and events we love and enjoy. These recommendations make our daily lives special and inviting and we want to share them with you. This issue is a guide to Diversity in Design (Watch, Listen, & Read)!

Diversity in Design
Smart List Diversity in Design

LISTEN: Still Processing

Launched in 2016, Jenna Wortham and Welsey Morris, teamed up to create one of the best and most entertaining podcasts of the last few years. The New York Times’ culture podcast, “offers a thought and entertaining mix of conversation as the hosts pore through TV, music, movies, art and the internet.” The episodes are sets of discussions about impactful and important cultural events. The hosts speak to everyone from athletes to Museum curates about all types of topics in popular culture. The Still Processing has won multiple Webby Awards for Arts & Culture and People’s Voice, and has been nominated for multiple iHeart Radio Podcast and Shorty Awards. 

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WATCH: Made by Design: African Design

The documentary series, Made by Design: African Design, has been available to stream on your Netflix and you’re missing out! The first season of the series is dedicated to Nigerian Design and the complexities that are illustrated to its viewers through the highs and lows of the country’s well-known talents. The series was co-produced and created by Design Week Lagos, founder Titi Ogufere and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Abiola Matesun.

Each episode introduces a new Nigerian designer from different fields and specialties. Embracing the differences between industries while overlapping realities show what each other may have in common. Architect, Tosin Oshinowo explained the effect of the show on him and his culture, “This docu-series is a validation that we are very much capable of telling our own stories as Africans in the design space. I am beyond proud to be part of this cinematographic milestone depicting our ever budding industry and I truly hope to see more beautiful projects like this come out of the continent.” Overall the episodes give the designers a way to tell their stories to people all over the world by creating with their individualized authenticity.

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Roanne Adam’s brings to light a different perspective than what we all grew up with, a design history and awareness of women in Design. DESIGN{H}ERS is truly a celebration of the women that represent and empower us. Adam’s explains her motivation and hints at her included content, “Design{H}ERS is a stunning showcase of talent, styles, and perspectives that encapsulates the distinction and diversity that women bring to their respective creative fields around the world. Featuring personal stories and interviews with 31 of today’s top working professionals, this book serves as a visual time capsule that not only celebrates how far women in design have come, but also reminds us of how far society has yet to go; as we look towards designing a future not defined or hindered by gender.” The future for women’s design is fostered by raising female designers up and showcasing the inarguable quality of work that designers produce!


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