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An idea for a new use of materials or an application for technology or an improved ergonomic design germinates through research, exploration and experimentation. These inquiries become designed outcomes for clients or commissions.

Apex Suit

Working at a warehouse is not a job for the weak. With the long 12-hour shifts, a hot work environment, and constant strain on the lower back from bending and lifting – the workers leave their job tired and often in pain.

The Apex Suit is a lightweight, agile, and modular back-assist exoskeleton geared for warehouse workers to reduce lower back muscle fatigue in the workplace. The Apex accommodates bodies of all shapes, sizes and gender, mirroring the diverse warehouse teams across the logistics industry.

Wearable Health – Medical Design

Interwoven is partnering with TKDG and CHF Solutions, Inc. to create a wearable solution to aid patients while undergoing Aquapheresis therapy.  For patients suffering from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), fluid overload is a dangerous condition.  If your heart is weakened by heart failure, your kidneys may not get enough blood to work as well as they should. As a result, your body retains salt and water in a misguided attempt to boost your blood volume.  Aquapheresis therapy uses ultrafiltration to remove the excess fluid.

UTC Aerospace Systems x SEArch+

Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, founder of Interwoven and partner in SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture) worked with the SEArch+ team and UTC Aerospace Systems, of Windsor Locks, CT, to design and develop a new concept for the front panel geometry of NASA’s aerospace palette system.  These palettes are the primary transportation and housing system for ECLSS (Environment Control & Life Support System) equipment on board all current NASA extraterrestrial vehicles. The design achieves project goals including –  easy access for crew interaction, repair and maintenance, improved maneuverability within the habitat, unified visual language and intuitive crew interaction.



Delta Gloves

delta gloves

What we did

Delta Gloves by PureCarbon are connected strength training gloves that track people’s workouts, including exercise performed, sets, reps and weight.  All the information is transmitted to an app on your smartphone. Interwoven Design Group worked with Jonathan and Aleda Schaffer, co-founders of PureCarbon to create the unique glove.

Lumanit – Luminous Smart Fabric

3D Waves of Light

Lumanit project combines materials research, making and form finding, while focusing on the future of textiles and technology in diverse applications, ranging from clothing to products and architectural installation.

The addition of interactive technology to objects brings an exponential change in the perception of garments, products and building materials, heightening the human experience.

Fiber Optic Tutu

Fiber Optic Tutu

Technology Explained

Inspired by the combination of nature and technology, the costumes for the Waltz of the Flowers performed by the Brooklyn Ballet in their production of the Brooklyn Nutcracker, unfurl like a secret garden. The tutu’s combine a traditional ballet silhouette with lights and are constructed with fiber optics sewn onto layers of hand dyed fabrics. The costumes of the Garden Sprites and demi-soloists costumes surprise with hidden screen printed art that reveals itself under UV light. The garden comes to life with the glistening Dew Drop adorned with laser cut flowers in mylar and Swarovski crystals.