Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest

The Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest by INVICTA Ready is specifically designed to help families be ready for natural disasters as a quick grab and go tool. Due to the ongoing effects of climate change, natural disasters threaten populations across the globe. This imminent threat along with the potential need for evacuations is not an easy task. Panic is the enemy when evacuating due to a wildfire, flood or hurricane. Survivors usually leave behind valuables, life-saving tools, and equipment that could help them to navigate disasters. INVICTA Ready, approached Interwoven Design Group to design, develop, and bring the Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest to life.

The award-winning Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest won Gold in Industrial And Life Science Design – Safety Designs and Bronze in Design for Society at the 2022 International Design Awards (IDA).

Project Firefly

Red Kap approached the Interwoven Design team to help develop an innovative new line of reflective Type O workwear garments. Key among the design problems to resolve was the durability of the reflective materials – an essential element for worker safety. Our process started with understanding how the garments are used, how they fit and function on the body, and their care and maintenance.

Apex Exosuit

Working at a warehouse is not a job for the weak. With the long 12-hour shifts, a hot work environment, and constant strain on the lower back from bending and lifting – the workers leave their job tired and often in pain.

The Apex Exosuit is a lightweight, agile, and modular back-assist exoskeleton geared for warehouse workers to reduce lower back muscle fatigue in the workplace. The Apex accommodates bodies of all shapes, sizes and gender, mirroring the diverse warehouse teams across the logistics industry.

WithMe Baby Monitor

Project Development

WithMe is a revolutionary new way to monitor your baby.  It is a small, repositionable sensing unit that attaches to your baby’s own clothing. It works seamlessly with your smart-enabled device to deliver vital information about your baby’s wellbeing to your phone or tablet.

WithMe uses the best technology available to keep you informed of your baby’s breathing pattern, skin temperature, activity level and body position, whether you’re in the next room or the next town. The wearable sensor collects and transmits this data to your mobile device along with affirmations that your little one is safe, or notifications that attention may be needed.  WithMe helps first-time parents feel like experienced caregivers.

Delta Gloves

What we did

Delta Gloves by PureCarbon are connected strength training gloves that track people’s workouts, including exercise performed, sets, reps and weight.  All the information is transmitted to an app on your smartphone. Interwoven Design Group worked with Jonathan and Aleda Schaffer, co-founders of PureCarbon to create the unique glove.