WithMe Baby Monitor

WithMe Baby Monitor

Project Development

WithMe is a revolutionary new way to monitor your baby.  It is a small, repositionable sensing unit that attaches to your baby’s own clothing. It works seamlessly with your smart-enabled device to deliver vital information about your baby’s wellbeing to your phone or tablet.

WithMe uses the best technology available to keep you informed of your baby’s breathing pattern, skin temperature, activity level and body position, whether you’re in the next room or the next town. The wearable sensor collects and transmits this data to your mobile device along with affirmations that your little one is safe, or notifications that attention may be needed.  WithMe helps first-time parents feel like experienced caregivers.

What we did

  • Problem definition
  • Concept creation
  • Form study & industrial design
  • Prototyping & testing
  • Hardware & software development
  • App design and development
  • Business Development

Clients / Collaborators

industrial design sketches show small round forms
a designer hand assembles technological component

Project Development

Interwoven Design Group founder and multi-disciplinary designer Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman worked with industrial designer Bryan Wong and a team of collaborators to create a wearable product for the America’s Greatest Makers competition, sponsored by Intel.

Using the Intel Curie Module, Team Interwoven went from concept to fully functional prototype in just four months. We conducted over a hundred customer interviews to determine the most important features for new parents, and then incorporated them into our wearable monitor. We worked hand in hand with a team of Intel hardware and software mentors to refine and develop our proprietary algorithms on the Curie platform to accurately measure infant biometrics and seamlessly deliver the most consistent information in real time to an iOS app.

Interwoven Design Group Introduces WithMe, a Smart Wearable Baby Monitor

baby sensing unit packaging boxes on a table
render of a small round orange and white device
Hands holding a phone that shows the WithMe app.
a baby wearing a monitoring device

Designing for Safety and Flexibility

WithMe uses the safest low-energy Bluetooth wireless communications to transmit data to the smart dock, where a wifi connection enables the baby’s vitals to transmit nearby or far from home. The Smart Doc TM not only charges the device with inductive charging (no plug in necessary), it also has the added feature of measuring room temperature and humidity.

WithMe’s unique design is completely reposition-able and attaches with a flexible ring that clips into place on any thickness of fabric. The low profile of the device is comfortable on the baby’s skin and is easily removed for recharging.

WithMe combines the most important measures of a baby’s health and well being in one place with the smallest and safest device on the market today.