Tandem Game Controller joining mechanism

Pratt M.I.D Thesis – Tandem Game Controller

The M.I.D program at Pratt prepares students to become industry leaders. The thesis project is the culmination of this 3-year program. The Thesis provides the greatest possible freedom and opportunity for the pursuit of a selected topic. Candidates are expected to demonstrate the full range of design skills and methodology in their thesis projects.

This project, Tandem by Chi-Hao Chiang explores the value of interpersonal relationships through the shared experience of video gameplay.

What we did

  • Literature review
  • Design research
  • Project proposal
  • Concept exploration
  • Design, prototype and testing
  • Create a final working Prototype
  • Thesis book

Clients / Collaborators

video game controller industrial design sketches
Game Controller clay and plastic mockups

Thesis Proposal

There are many advantages of people playing video games together. This proposal aims to provide a smoother pipeline to connect humans and video games. It can also build a bridge and open the door to interactions between people of different skill levels and generations by providing a shared experience of playing together. By making video games more approachable, inclusive, and breaking down the barrier between people of different experience levels, they will promote bonding between friends and relatives.

video Game Controller renders showing joining options
video Game Controller product anatomy


TANDEM will be expected to build the gap between casual and experienced gamers by shortening the gap between casual gamers and video game consoles. This final objective is a set of two split-up console game controllers adding thighs into parts of the control and separating all the inputs into two categories "Motion" and "Action." TANDEM can team up two people to play as one for achieving goals or group competitions, creating a more even, fun, and exciting experience for players with different controlling abilities. It aims to become the catalyst to help foster interactive, meaningful bonds and create shared memories among the community of players even of different generations.