Design News - 01/09/23

Design News N. 034

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By the IW Team

Design News is your tiny dose of design, technology and other important news, curated monthly by Interwoven Design. In this issue we take a dive into Yin Gao’s pulsating robotic garments, Virgil Abloh’s Royal College of Art Scholarship, Goldwin and Synflux’s Algorithmic system for zero fashion waste, and LG’s Stretchable Display.

Photos by Maude Arsenault, Courtesy of Studio Ying Gao

Ying Gao’s pulsating robotic garments portray virtual clothing

Ying Gao, the Montreal-based fashion designer, has recently released two garments that are inspired by the metaverse and NFT’s. The pieces are made of glass, precious metals, and silicone that motions in a twisting and pulsating pattern to create a visual effect for the virtual clothing. Specially designed woven, hand-screened and consolidated materials were used to create the polymorphic effect. This helps portray the flower-like volume, transparency and reflectivity. The title, 2 5 2 6, refers to the amount of hours the garments took to bring to life “from the first line drawn to the last stitch sewn.” Ying Gao continues on the forefront of the virtual clothing realm by pushing the boundaries of form and function through the perceptions of the digital world.

via Design Boom

Photo: Royal College of Art

Virgil Abloh’s RCA Scholarship

The Royal College of Art recently announced a full tuition scholarship that honors the late designer, Virgil Abloh, who passed away last year from cancer. The scholarship was founded to help underrepresented communities in the design industry by giving this scholarship to “an extraordinarily talented, but financially restricted, Black British student.” Virgil and the Royal College of Art had formed a relationship through creative collaboration and education while Virgil was an honorary visiting professor at RCA. The annual scholarship was established with the support of Shannon Abloh, Virgil’s wife, and will be given to a postgraduate student at the RCA School of Design.

via Dezeen

Photo: Rebecca Schley

Algorithmic system for zero fashion waste

Goldwin, a Japanese sportswear manufacturer and Synflux, a speculative fashion laboratory have been working on a collaboration that minimizes textile waste during the production process. ‘SYN-GRID’ uses Synflux’s proprietary technology combining machine learning and 3D technology. This production method allows brands to minimize waste while keeping the garments aesthetics, functionality and comfort. Product lines from NEUTRALWORKS and The North Face will be released this year using the Algorithmic Couture®. This environmentally focused collaboration aims to improve the fashion industry by helping future generations with sustainability in garment production.

via Design Boom

Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns

LG’s Stretchable Display Prototype

LG, unveiled the “world’s first 12-inch high-resolution Stretchable Display equipped with an outstanding free-form technology that enables it to be extended, folded, and twisted without distortion or damage.” The full-color RGB display has a resolution of 100 ppi and is the industry’s first display to achieve 20% stretchability. This innovation will allow adaptability to curved surfaces on the body, furniture or vehicles. LG’s Stretchable Display has the capabilities to enhance the future of fashion, wearable technology, mobility and gaming.

via LG

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