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Design News N. 031

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Design News N. 031

Design News is your tiny dose of design, technology and other important news, curated monthly by Interwoven Design. In this issue: we take a dive into commercialized bioplastic vinyl records, Pauline van Dongen and Tentech collaborate on solar-energy-generating textiles, Bali’s Sustainable Art Space, Patagonia’s disbursement of resources to save the environment and the On’s inspiring CleanCloud™ story. 

Evolution Music's Bioplastic Vinyl
Photo: Evolution Music, “Music Made Better”

Bioplastic 12-inch Vinyl by Evolution Music

Evolution Music’s bioplastic 12-inch vinyl may look and sound like a traditional record but is actually the world’s first bioplastic vinyl that is commercially available. ‘Evolution Music’ have spent over 4 years working on research and development to find the appropriate material to replace the harmful elements in Vinyl LP manufacturing. The decision to use plant based bio-polymers and organic master batch creates a non-toxic production process for the compound. In addition, the final product ‘Evo-Vinyl’ is completely biodegradable compostable according to DIN EN 13432 (European Standards). The team at Evolution also took great care to settle on a Bon Sucro certified supplier to ensure a completely sustainable approach.

via Dezeen Awards

Photo: Pauline van Dongen

Pauline van Dongen to “create a new aesthetic for buildings” with solar textile

Pauline van Dongen along with Tentech are reimagining and developing textiles that could be used to create a new exterior for future buildings. Suntex is a solar textile that is energy generating while also being durable and water-resistant. The Dutch designer explains the construction of the textile that includes weaving organic photovoltaic solar cells along with recycled polymer yarns.

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Photo: Nathan Congleton

Earth is now Patagonia’s only Shareholder

The founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard originally got into producing climbing gear for his friends, not to be a businessman. The company began by donating 1% of their sales each year to altering the company’s purpose into saving the planet. Instead of selling Patagonia or making the company publicly owned,  the company decided to “go purpose” and gave the nonvoting stock to the Holdfast Collective, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting the environmental crisis.

via Patagonia

 Photo: Tommaso Riva, MoSA, Museum of Space Available, in Bali

Bali’s new Circular Design Workplace

The Museum of Space Available (MoSA), was created when the pandemic struck and made the space available. Former creative director, Daniel Mitchell, envisioned this new system located in southern Bali. The coastal sustainable community features space available for artists, designers and bio innovation scientists that result in exhibitions including physical art installations as well as NFTs.

via Wallpaper


The CleanCloud from On

The CleanCloud™ story is one of trial and tribulation deserves a round of applause for the innovation team at On. It began by the team questioning if the problem of carbon emissions be a part of the solution to step away from using fossil-based materials. On and Technip Energies targeted the materials used and production of EVA midsole foam which is commonly used in the sole of shoes. Through a collaboration with Fairbrics, the midsole’s polyester is also made from carbon emissions and the outsole is the result of an innovative partnership with Novoloop, making materials from plastic waste.


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