Design News N. 033

Design News is your tiny dose of design, technology and other important news, curated monthly by Interwoven Design. In this series we share the latest design news on our favorite topics: Whoop’s 24/7 Health Tracker, the new International Library of Fashion Research in Oslo, Google’s sculpture influence Nest Wifi Pro Router, Anatomic the limited edition 3D knit chair and our very own Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest!

Photo: Aruliden

Whoop’s 24/7 Health Tracker

Since 2013, Whoop has been working on fitness wearables that are designed to be worn 24/7. This is possible by making the product comfortable and durable while also having a device that allows the user to charge their tracker without taking it off. The screenless device communicates heart rate variability, skin temperature, and blood oxygen through a proprietary algorithm. Whoop uses this information to give feedback through an app that works as a fitness and sleep coach. The new Whoop 4.0 strap is 33% smaller than its predecessor along with more accurate and advanced technology.

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Photo: Sharon Drummond

The International Library of Fashion Research opens this month in Oslo

Oslo’s Stasjonsmesterboligen, or “the Station Master’s House” is the new home to the International Library of Fashion Research. The repurposed building houses more that 5,000 pieces of fashion print that were planned to be discarded. Elise By Olsen, the mind behind the operation, explains how the old train station transformed into the ILFR. The space was not originally built for this purpose and while there are challenges, it all came together when they began thinking of the space as a museum rather than a library. The International Library of Fashion Research will not have anything on permanent display but find a way to bring out requested literature, almost like researching digitally, but in real life.

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Photo: Google

Google’s sculpture influenced Nest Wifi Pro Router

Google’s Nest Wifi Pro Router is influenced by sculpture and designed to compliment an interior aesthetic. The company, who has been releasing routers for years, has left their comfort zone by experimenting with glossy finishes, smooth textures, and soft forms. Not only has the product launched increased functionality and refined aesthetics, but it is also made of 60% recycled material by weight. The Nest Wifi Pro is connected to Google’s Pixel Products through an established color story. Google offers a recycling program where products can be recycled or refurbished.

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Photo: inCC:

Anatomic, the 3D Knit Chair

Nynke Tynagel, the Dutch artist along with textile pioneers, Byborre and the new label, inCC:, have collaborated to create possibly the most complex 3D knit manufactured ever. The work, Anatomic, is a 3D knit chair that has the visual representation of the inner workings of the human body. This diagram of different textures took 28 development rounds to get the correct combinations of features. These contrasting textures allow the knit to portray biological elements like muscles, nerves, stomach and other organs. Each of the 600 limited edition chairs are manufactured from Dutch oak and recycled polyester. The wooden component that acts as the structural portion of the chair also doubles as a frame when hung on the wall. Anatomic was originally unveiled during Milan Design Week at the Rosanna Orlandi Gallery.

via Dezeen

Photo: INVICTA Ready

Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest

Interwoven Design and INVICTA Ready have paired up to design the Perci Emergency Preparedness Vest. The vest is designed to help families be ready for natural disasters as a quick grab and go tool. The Perci Vest organizes disaster readiness items (safety items, tools, toiletries, first aid, etc.) into 10 uniquely designed pocket locations. It is comfortable, water-repellent, and customizable and works in conjunction with a mobile app that saves all your disaster preparedness plans in one place. A specifically designed series reflective labels create a graphic communications system that indicates what is inside each pocket. A large QR code that connects the Perci Vest with the phone application is found on the interior of the jacket near the waterproof pocket. Interwoven designed and prototyped the functional garment and finalized contents to achieve an easy-to-use, durable and manufacturable product.

via Interwoven

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Design News N. 032

Design News is your tiny dose of design, technology and other important news, curated monthly by Interwoven Design. In this issue we take a dive into Checkerspot’s algae based polyurethane, Seratech’s commercialized carbon-neutral cement, Zena Holloway’s bio-designed fashion, Athos 3D printed climbing shoes and Patricia Urquiola breaking the mold in fashion.

Checkerspot Pollinator Kit
Checkerspot Pollinator Kit

Checkerspot launches algae based polyurethane Pollinator Kit

The bio-based material manufacturing company, Checkerspot has officially launched their new Pollinator Kit and it is available for purchase. Instead of using hazardous raw materials for making polyurethane, Checkerspot altered the traditional make up to incorporate an algae base instead of traditional oil. Not only is this product more sustainable but is so high performance that it is used in Wonder Alpine’s snow skis. Checkerspot is targeting designers and makers by putting their Pollinator Kit right right in the hands of people creating objects. Being able to experiment with a sustainable material like algae based polyurethane with an easy barrier to entry is a game changer!

via Core77

Photo: Helene Sandberg

Carbon neutral cement, Seratech wins Obel Award

Sam Draper and Barney Shanks, two PhD students from the Imperial College London, recently won the Obel Award for their carbon neutral cement, Seratech. The award is an international recognition of human development through architecture. They commercialized their research, which focuses on replacing a portion of cement with carbon dioxide emitted from factories. Currently, cement accounts for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. Standard cement gives off stored carbon during its production process, while Seratech focuses on its Carbon Capture Storage (CSS).  Not to mention this new formula is easy to scale and low cost. This is a direct result of Seratech’s raw materials consisting of raw materials that are found easily all over the world.

via Dezeen Awards

Photo: Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway launches her bio-designed collection, ‘Rootfull’

Multidisciplinary designer, Zena Holloway presented her exploration of grass root grown wearables and sculptures in this year’s London Design Festival. Zena creates a template carved from beeswax and implants the wheatgrass seeds. She uses this template to grow a “botanical skeleton” while sewing, cutting, and manipulating the material while keeping the natural workflow to keep an honest result. The collection, “Rootfull,” features pieces including fashion wearables, a dress, wall hangings and a lamp all consisting of this similar organic texture. These naturally generated pieces promise that the same outcome will never be duplicated, making each piece one of a kind.

via Design Boom

Photo: Joshua Tree National Park

ATHOS, the customizable 3D Printed climbing shoe

ATHOS, a Spanish startup company from Barcelona, has targeted the need for customized 3D printed climbing shoes. The need stems from climbers using shoes 2 to 4 sizes smaller so the fit is as snug as possible. The pain comes second to this fit which is essential for performance. The company uses a phone app to scan a user’s foot and input other information including climbing type, color, etc. The following steps include printing, post processes and assembly. ATHOS takes advantage of a collaboration of technology of Sculpteo and HP’s Jet Fusion Technology. This allows the team to manufacture the printed shoe body easily then assemble the straps and rubber parts. The ATHOS team has recently been recognized for their innovative climbing shoes by being named a runner up for the 2022 James Dyson Award.

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Photo: Kartell

Patricia Urquiola releases capsule for Weekend Max Mara

Patricia Urquiola recently left her comfort zone by presenting her fashion capsule for Weekend Max Mara. This collection is dedicated to providing women with casual and informal fashion. Patricia’s past work spans the architectural, industrial and furniture categories, but has never released a fashion line. For this reason, she decided to break the mold and highlight her approach to fashion design. The capsule stems off of her extensive work in textiles and features her unconventional mixture of color. Her capsule entitled, ‘Habito,’ expresses her feeling that the clothing that a woman wears is her emotional habit. Instead of searching for a female silhouette with her design Urquiola focused on oversized, gender neutral elements. The designer explained how important it was to position herself in new situations with new opportunities and perspectives.

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Design News N. 031

Design News Category Image

Design News N. 031

Design News is your tiny dose of design, technology and other important news, curated monthly by Interwoven Design. In this issue: we take a dive into commercialized bioplastic vinyl records, Pauline van Dongen and Tentech collaborate on solar-energy-generating textiles, Bali’s Sustainable Art Space, Patagonia’s disbursement of resources to save the environment and the On’s inspiring CleanCloud™ story. 

Evolution Music's Bioplastic Vinyl
Photo: Evolution Music, “Music Made Better”

Bioplastic 12-inch Vinyl by Evolution Music

Evolution Music’s bioplastic 12-inch vinyl may look and sound like a traditional record but is actually the world’s first bioplastic vinyl that is commercially available. ‘Evolution Music’ have spent over 4 years working on research and development to find the appropriate material to replace the harmful elements in Vinyl LP manufacturing. The decision to use plant based bio-polymers and organic master batch creates a non-toxic production process for the compound. In addition, the final product ‘Evo-Vinyl’ is completely biodegradable compostable according to DIN EN 13432 (European Standards). The team at Evolution also took great care to settle on a Bon Sucro certified supplier to ensure a completely sustainable approach.

via Dezeen Awards

Photo: Pauline van Dongen

Pauline van Dongen to “create a new aesthetic for buildings” with solar textile

Pauline van Dongen along with Tentech are reimagining and developing textiles that could be used to create a new exterior for future buildings. Suntex is a solar textile that is energy generating while also being durable and water-resistant. The Dutch designer explains the construction of the textile that includes weaving organic photovoltaic solar cells along with recycled polymer yarns.

via Dezeen Awards

Photo: Nathan Congleton

Earth is now Patagonia’s only Shareholder

The founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard originally got into producing climbing gear for his friends, not to be a businessman. The company began by donating 1% of their sales each year to altering the company’s purpose into saving the planet. Instead of selling Patagonia or making the company publicly owned,  the company decided to “go purpose” and gave the nonvoting stock to the Holdfast Collective, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting the environmental crisis.

via Patagonia

 Photo: Tommaso Riva, MoSA, Museum of Space Available, in Bali

Bali’s new Circular Design Workplace

The Museum of Space Available (MoSA), was created when the pandemic struck and made the space available. Former creative director, Daniel Mitchell, envisioned this new system located in southern Bali. The coastal sustainable community features space available for artists, designers and bio innovation scientists that result in exhibitions including physical art installations as well as NFTs.

via Wallpaper


The CleanCloud from On

The CleanCloud™ story is one of trial and tribulation deserves a round of applause for the innovation team at On. It began by the team questioning if the problem of carbon emissions be a part of the solution to step away from using fossil-based materials. On and Technip Energies targeted the materials used and production of EVA midsole foam which is commonly used in the sole of shoes. Through a collaboration with Fairbrics, the midsole’s polyester is also made from carbon emissions and the outsole is the result of an innovative partnership with Novoloop, making materials from plastic waste.


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Design News N. 030

Design News is your tiny dose of design, technology and other important news, curated monthly by Interwoven Design. In this issue: we look back and honor Virgil Abloh’s life and impact on the fashion community, Pangaia and Officina+39 collab on repurposing textile waste, furniture design from Swedish forest inspiration and upcycled remnant product design in bags by Freitag.

Installation view, Virgil Abloh: “Figures of Speech.” Brooklyn Museum, July 1, 2022–January 29, 2023. (Photo: Danny Perez, Brooklyn Museum)

Virgil Abloh: “Figures of Speech”

Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition on Virgil Abloh’s career shares projects never before along with collaborations and insights from his past. These pieces are with a collection from his brand, Off-White, on display in the installation. “Figures of Speech,” dives into the need for a diversity across all lenses of art and design. 

Via Brooklyn Museum

Photo: Nao-cha

F707 Stratos designed by Freitag

Freitag has done it again. The F707 Stratos is a shoulder bag made from the upcycled remnants of used truck tarps and a truck truck’s airbag. The bag can be unfolded for multiple uses. Freitag touched on the involvement that goes into the prototyping and development for a product like this. From material sourcing and understanding characteristics to communication between design and sewing departments, we think it is an awesome accomplishment from the Freitag team.

Via Dezeen Awards

Photo: Dey Alexander

Pangaia’s Sustainable Pastel Clothing Line

Pangaia collaborated with Italian textile company, Officina+39 to utilize old clothing scrap into a plethora of colors in their new pastel sustainable clothing line. Officina+39 recycled clothing into a powder that is being used to color fabric in a bunch of ways. This isn’t the first time Pangaia has made products from pigments of other objects. They have innovated in ways including food waste and captured C02.

Via Fast Company

Photo: Andy Liffner

Furniture inspired by Swedish Forests

Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren, two members of the Swedish design studio Front, use observation of nature as theme exploration into form and texture. The designers explained how living in Sweden, they are constantly surrounded by nature and it has directly inspired their project, furniture seating, that was presented at Salone de Mobile 2022.

Via Wallpaper

Photo: Toshihiro Gamo

Issey Miyake, the Groundbreaking Japanese Designer, passes away at 84

The legendary Japanese Designer, Issey Miyake passed away at the age of 84 after a battle with cancer. This year marks Miyake’s 50th anniversary of being featured on the Paris Fashion Week. Fashion inspired from process, proprietary technologies and architecture allowed him to create wearable innovations and trends. People all over the world fell in love with his creative movements, along with Steve Jobs, who hired Miyake to design his distinct black turtlenecks. The designers community, collections and principles will be timeless contributions across all sectors of creativity and design.

via Vogue

Design News N.029

Design News is your tiny dose of design, technology and other important news, curated monthly by Interwoven Design. In this series we share the latest on our favorite topics, including aerospace, fashion design, urban design, and biomaterials. In this issue: our view of the cosmos just got a gorgeous upgrade, Puma jumps into the Web3 market with digital products, 100 years of Schiaparelli’s artistic fashion designs are celebrated, and an urban installation in London reminds us to sit back and look up at the sky.

New views of the cosmos!

The Webb telescope captured region NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula
The Webb telescope captured the young, star-forming region NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula. Photo credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb ERO Production Team.

The new James Webb Space Telescope is the largest and most powerful observatory yet, with a mirror that is 6.5 meters in diameter to capture more light, and therefore to view farther into the past than ever before. The telescope also incorporates instruments sensitive to infrared light, allowing the telescope to capture images normally invisible to the human eye. The NASA team released a series of stunning images last week to show what this impressive telescope can do, and we were enchanted. To understand just how the Webb telescope will help astronomers better understand the universe, take a look at the Times Instagram feature explaining how it works. A wide range of scientific research is underway and soon to follow the unveiling of the superb instrument.

via The New York Times

Puma in New Tokyo

The new Puma collaboration will feature the virtual shop 10KFT, located in the fantastical New Tokyo. Photo courtesy of code_martial.

Puma has announced a new metaverse project in collaboration with 10KFT, an NFT project that is a shop in a virtual Tokyo. The project will involve digital assets that align with physical products due to launch in the near future. Puma’s chief brand officer Adam Petrick explained, “We have to be thinking about engaging with people in the physical world and giving people the opportunity to bring physical products into the digital world.” The collaboration will include options to customize and personalize digital sneakers that can later be realized physically, and is Puma’s most serious foray into the Web3 space thus far.

via Vogue Business

The surreal world of Elsa Schiaparelli

The new exhibition celebrating Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli will run through January 2023. Photo courtesy of François Goizé.

The Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris is hosting an exhibition honoring the pioneering Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. ‘Shocking! The surreal world of Elsa Schiaparelli’ features 520 works by the historic fashion house, including hundreds of garments, sketches, and accessories by Schiaparelli. She was an intellectual and an artist with connections to the surrealist movement, and the exhibit celebrates the fusing of art and fashion that pervades her work. It also features ceramics, jewelry, perfume, paintings, and photography by Schiaparelli and her friends and colleagues to tell a comprehensive story of a brand over a hundred years.

via Vogue

Peter Newman’s Skystation

Several people sit and lounge on the saucer-shaped Skystation bench
The sleek form of the Skystation bench encourages people to contemplate the sky. Skystation by Peter Newman at Canary Wharf, London. Photo David Hares.

Canary Wharf in London now features Skystation, a futuristic, saucer-shaped bench designed by Peter Newman. Newman describes the installation as “an interactive public sculpture and seat,” and the form, designed to accommodate several people, encourages leaning back to look up at the sky. The aluminum-bronze form was inspired by the iconic LC4 chaise lounge, designed in 1928 by Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier, and Pierre Jeanneret. Newman explained to Dezeen, “It creates an opportunity for pause, reflection and interaction within the public realm. Gravity puts the past beneath us, so looking up is akin to thinking about the future.”

via designboom

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