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Remo – haptic gesture control

What if your clothing could communicate specific movement cues in real time?

The Remo haptic gesture control suit allows one person to manipulate another person’s movements wirelessly through a graphic user interface. Born from the classroom, this research project has continued to flourish to explore the boundaries of communication through movement.

What we did

  • Dream
  • Build
  • Question
  • Make it a reality

Clients / Collaborators



At its core, this technology is about communicating movement directly to the human body without the need for visual or auditory interpretation. From learning a new sport to recovering from a traumatic injury, Remo’s potential applications are exciting and far-reaching.

The operator enters movement commands into a digital interface. Then the commands are interpreted by the software and sent to the user. Movement data is communicated directly to the skin via haptic signals that incite specific movements.


ReMotion Suit

See the Remo Suit in action as blindfolded subject reacts to the manipulation of his avatar on screen.


Project Development

The Remo project is an active exploration. This prototype represents the current step in of our rapid iteration process, which began with two cell phones set to vibrate and tied around an innocent bystanders arm. Next steps will include building positioning feedback into the suit, developing more intuitive controls into the interface, and expanding the motor arrays to other parts of the body.